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-====== issue 400000F ​======+====== issue 4000010 ​======
-**topic:​** ​Caching settings have no effect+**topic:​** ​ ​ file status was not returned in FDM
-**status:** solved in 4.1.1+**status:** solved in 4.1.2
-**detailed description:​** ​ADC DMA driver for the ADAD7656 chip (ZMC) did not work in all applications. +**detailed description:​** ​In **F**ast **D**ebug **M**ode ​the status indicator ​of the was not reliable.
-The number ​of sampled datas are not been reliableThe system could hang under special conditions +
-The problem existed since 4.0.9+
-**solution:​** solved in 4.1.1+**solution:​** solved in 4.1.2
 See all [[z4_known_issues|known issues]]. See all [[z4_known_issues|known issues]].
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