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Graph Workflow

Several tips for a faster working:

  • Mouse wheel for zooming
  • Right mouse click on a graph shows the context menu to select some tools.
  • Double click on a graph hides/unhides the cursor.
  • Hold <Ctrl> and double click shows all
  • Hold <Ctrl> mouse click and release brings zoom box up
  • At manuel alignment: press <Shift>, click mouse left down and move.
  • Clicking on the value on the scale lets change them manually. Thus, the view and grid will be updated also. Choose the end points.
  • Keys:
    • left arrow: last measurement
    • right arrow: next measurement
    • up arrow: zoom reference
    • down arrow: zoom all
    • space: toggle pre/post measurement


To display the specific dimensions from the config-file (uniview.cnf):

  • select 'Uni' as a view on the right panel
  • click right mouse button and select 'show next view'
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