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For an update from version 1.x to 2.x a new Runtime must be installed once first.

To update your existing RailSuite Installation, these steps are necessary:

  • Save the ZIP from mail or download the Update from the FTP-Server. Contact Schmid for the login details
  • Unzip the package into a folder (Extract all…). This folder must be on the local machine itself (not on a network).
  • :!: If an installer was executed immediatly before, start RailSuite once to generate an ini file which is necessary for the updater.
  • Close RailSuite if it is open.
  • Double click on the file 'update.exe' inside. It can be necessary to do this with administrator privileges (right mouse click on update.exe, then 'run as administrator')
  • The updater starts and shows the success. For support cases, the details can be showed. Select and copy them (ctrl c) for mailing it.
  • If the box 'Error 7 occured at Open File…' appears, click <Continue>
  • You can now start RailSuite and use the new functions with your existing settins. Check the new version number in the title bar.
  • If the updater was executed after the installation, some settings should be done.

If the Railsuite starts then with an error message, make sure .NET Framework V4.0 is installed: english, german, choose language
[See internal wiki for details: railsuite_support]

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