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Standard Report

Build your own report with as many sheets and custom views as needed.
It will be saved as a PDF with the graph(s) inside as well as the params table where additional informations are listed. PDF is platform independent and non editable.

  • Change to the Report Tab
  • Hit the new button to start
  • Select the desired section with zooming and draging
  • Add the actual view to the existing report with add after
  • Repeat this as many times as wished
  • Get an overview with the list button
  • At the end, generate it.
  • Select name and path

By default, the Report is saved in the report folder. Change to it over the menu bar.

Page Scaling

Print with no Scaling:

Select the logo of the company under settings.
For best results, use a graphic format (jpg, png, gif) in a high size. The logo will be scaled in ratio.

Annotations (text inside graphs)

Text inside a graph will be on the report only if fully visible between the graph boundaries.
On the picture, see the graph from RailSuite above and the resulting pdf below.
The 'OK' and the 'Z12 = -17.8' are not on the pdf because the red text box (fictive) overlaps the graph borders.

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