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Import Measurement

This function gives the possibility to import profile data in different formats from a text file or clipboard.

:!: Warning: an import will overwrite the fields serial number (SN) and firmware (FW) of the whole rml-session with 'Import'. Start an import on a new, empty session.

Field Description
Preset pre configured settings
transpose transposes a 2d array
batch automatic filling of a session, needs a special key file
ignore lines lines to ignore at the top of a file
xy data 2d array or y values only
x column in which column are the x values (depending on the delimiter)
y column in which column are the y values (depending on the delimiter)
flip profile in x mirrors the profile at the vertical axis
flip profile in y mirrors the profile at the horizontal axis
delimiter which separates the columns (tabulator: \t)
from clipboard data in clipboard instead file
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