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Excel Summary

You can easily build an own summary in Excel as well as in Open Office.
In Excel it is possible to use a lot of additional features which lets you design a custom summary (Logo, Header, Footer, …). Save this as your template and reuse it as often as wished.

  • Open the desired measurement file
  • Over the menu bar, select Tools > Copy to Clipboard > Params Summary as Table (Excel)
  • Change to Excel and paste it in at the desired position (for example with Ctrl - v).

Now all parameters (like gauge, headheight, decision and answer…) are - if available - in an own cell of the spreadsheet.
From line 13, the scan 1 to 50 are listed. The postscan follows on each line at cell BC.


Most efficient, a template will be taken to reuse it again and again. Find an Excel template here and customize it.

The first sheet 'report' shows the wished information and will be prepared in the appropriate look to print it or save it for further needs.
The second sheet 'data' holds all the parameters copied in.
The desired cells from 'data' are linked to the 'report' sheet simply by a cell link. For example, cell B9 at report holds the formula '=data!D13' which means, this cell shows the value of cell D13 of sheet 'data'.
Now, only the sheet 'data' has to be filled (paste with ctrl - c) with the export of another measurement file. The report sheet will be updated automatically with the new values in the existing layout.

A lot of additional features of Excel can be used:

  • Formulas for calculating
  • Conditional Formatting to colour a cell

Open Office

When using Calc from Open Office, an additional step seems necessary: each time before pasting in, first select all datas (ctrl - a) and delete it. After this, paste in.
The reason is, that filled cells will not be cleared by empty ones.

Own template from scratch

This can be done also, here are some hints.

  • Report sheet
    • Showing '0' in empty cells can be supressed in the options of the sheet:
    • Select date and time fields and format it appropriate
  • data sheet
    • select line 10 as total on the left and format cells as number
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