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  • Compact Flash Cards with max 4 GB must be used with no other files and folders on it - see below.
  • Use the original one delivered (industrial grade).
  • The Railmonitor can only handle 8.3 files (Wikipedia). Otherwise the worst case can be data loss.
  • Format the card as FAT (FAT32).

Folder and File Structure on CF-Card

Folder Content Description Usage
REFS *.ref References for batch import/export Backup/Restore
RMLV0 *.rml Sessions Menu > Session… Save,Open,New
*.ref References Menu > Load,Delete Ref
*.mdr, *.fdr, *.sdr Firmware for standard or menu update Firmware Update
rml<SerialNumber>.prm Parameter file Backup/Restore
SESSIONNAME comma separated values Parameter GenCSV Bit 1 (Value 2): M[01-50][V,N] Save Measurement
SESSIONNAME/GAUGE comma separated values Parameter GenCSV Bit 3 (Value 8): MG[01-50][V,N] Save Measurement
SUPPORT, SUPPORT/GAUGE raw measurements named with timestamp: ddhhmmss.csv Menu > Save Raw Save Measurement
SCREENS ddhhmmss.bmp Screenshots named with timestamp Save Screenshot
UPDATE *.mdr, *.fdr, *.sdr Firmware for updates with bootloader Firmware Update
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